Hello! My name is Andy and I am the one who wears the Melted Mask. I’m the proprietor, the bartender, the guy who checks your coat at the door, the shady character in the corner, the bard strumming her lute near the fire pit and the gentleman in the handlebar moustache assuring you that the soup of the day is a solid choice.

I am a Dungeon Master. About 10 years ago (comparatively recently in DM circles) I started playing tabletop games and instantly became hooked. Our first system was Call of Cthulhu–that’s the spooky one–and I have since moved on to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Paranoia and many other games. Now and then I even dabble in writing my own systems and settings, and I am reliably informed that they are “extremely weird, but in a good way, probably.” I’ve played at other people’s tables, at my own, with friends and with strangers; I’ve run games online and off, with and without props.

Dungeon Mastering is my bag, my thing, my raison d’ĂȘtre. A childhood filled with drama (as in plays, not traumatic events), a background in film and literature studies, and a penchant for bad puns all coalesce into a human being built to entertain and engage with people. I like stories and fun and sharing both of those with as many folks as possible.


What better way, then, to spread the joy of tabletop gaming to the world than by offering my adventure-crafting skills to the public? The Melted Mask was an idea put forward by my wife (who is also one of my players) and is all about me running games for you. It’s also a very thinly veiled excuse for me to play and write a ridiculous amount of tabletop.

For those taking the plunge, I guarantee fun, immersion, excitement and a generous serving of weirdness. When you hire me, you get my many years of experience running games for people all across the spectrum; you get strange accents, offbeat adventure hooks, fully-realised NPCs, epic fights with monsters and monstrous people; you get an unforgettable experience.

So, a few details that might be of use:

  1. I live in Wellington, New Zealand and run most of my in-person tabletop from there. If you live elsewhere in NZ, I am willing to travel anywhere in the country to run your game. For those outside… well, if you want to pay for a plane ticket I might consider it! However-
  2. Online games! I started my DMing career dealing with eight unruly and timezone-incompatible nerds via webcam, and I love it. If you want to have your game run online through Roll20, Hangouts or Discord, that can absolutely happen.
  3. I mainly run D&D 5e currently, but if you’re itching for something else entirely, I add my proficiency bonus to several other systems. You can check out the possibilities or flick me an email to ask what’s available.
  4. People enjoying what I create as a Dungeon Master makes me happy.

Mr Mask, why should we hire you to run our tabletop games?

First of all, call me Andy. Mr Mask is my father. Secondly, that’s a good question! Hiring a DM is a somewhat new phenomenon, but if you are having trouble finding someone in your friend group to take on the task, I can help. Maybe you have limited time to play and none spare to put in the extra work required of a Dungeon Master. Maybe you don’t know how to play, or you don’t want to invest in a bunch of source books without trying the experience first.

Okay, so who might want to book a session?

Beginners who would appreciate an experienced hand, lapsed players who want an easy way to get back into the hobby, kids who are old enough to play but not quite up to the DM chair. The Melted Mask is also perfect for your next party or event, as a much more interactive and memorable experience than any musician, mime or sword-swallower.

What are the benefits of hiring The Mask instead of doing it ourselves or going to a gaming shop?

Dungeon Mastering is wonderful, but it is hard work. Hours of preparation before the game, and during a session you are more or less responsible for the Good Time of everyone else at the table. If your group just wants to chill out and have a good time, shifting the responsibility to me might be a good solution. Don’t worry, I can take it; I draw maps in my sleep. You can also customise the experience exactly as you wish, and have it somewhere comfortable (like your own house). Like building a burger. If you want your gaming session to have no lettuce and extra mustard, you go for it.

Could you sum this whole Melted Mask concept up in a really pithy way?

Hire me, turn up, play a great game. It’s that easy.