It’s magic time. You have your players, you’re geared up for adventure. You even bought an industrial-size bowl for crisps and those weird candy things that you either chew or suck but you can never figure out which, and it’s way too late to ask about it now. But you need a DM! Booking a game with The Melted Mask is easy. You just have to decide on a few simple things first. I run games for private players and organisations, but the process is similar:

  1. Decide how many people are playing, what system you want to use and how many sessions you want me to run.
  2. Consider whether you want a face-to-face session (I come to your place, or we go elsewhere) or an online game (Roll20, Discord, etc.).
  3. Contact me and let me know you’re interested, have a few possible dates in mind.
  4. Once we’ve decided on a date and I’ve quoted you a price, we can start working out characters (if you want my input on that) as well as the concept for the session or sessions.
  5. We play and everyone becomes friends forever and/or dies horribly.


Private Players: $5 per player, per hour
Organisations: $50 flat rate for 2-4 hours

Rates are negotiable, since tabletop is a fickle and very personal thing, where every game is a beautiful and unique snowflake. Things like extra time, more players, more sessions, less time, more dragons, bigger hats, etc. can always be discussed.